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 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

At Animal 911 Veterinary Hospital we believe strongly in the role that food plays in the lives of pets.  Our staff is educated to answer all of your food related questions.  In our boutique we carry a variety of Veterinary Grade Diets, let us assist you in choosing the right food for your pet. 

Whether you just brought home your new puppy or you have questions about your senior cat, we have the diet for you.  Whether your dog has arthritis or your cat may have kidney disease, we have the diet for you. 

We can discuss with you why these diets will help your pet and how they work.  We have seen firsthand the positive effect these diets have on pets.  From keeping their teeth clean, managing weight loss, preventing urinary issues and keeping at bay those pesky allergies, we have experience with it all.

So stop in at any time and it will be our pleasure to talk with you about the medicine we call food.

 – Tanya Millington, AHT

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veterinary boutique at animal 911

Come visit our veterinary boutique. You will find a wide choice of therapeutic and nutritional pet foods and grooming products, as well as a wide selection of accessories designed and approved for all your pet’s specific needs. Whether you have a dog or a cat, drop in and discover all the different animal health care solutions we have to offer you!

Veterinary Boutique