How to co-exist with your clawed cat

Declawing cats is out! Perhaps there are still a few people who will perform this amputation, however, soon this act will be illegal as it is in many countries of the world already. If you think you can’t own a clawed cat without sacrificing your furniture, well I’ve got news for you. Cats have been […]

Facts about Lyme disease and ticks By Dr. Wybranowski, DMV

The Blacklegged deer tick is responsible for spreading Lyme disease along with several other diseases (Anaplasma, Erhlichia).

Keeping Your Dog Active in Winter

Winter can be tough, unless you are a winter sports enthusiast like me. The cold weather and limited sunlight affect many people. Winter can be even tougher on our pets! Shorter and less frequent walks lead to boredom and weight gain. Both are detrimental to your pet’s health.

How to raise the perfect pet

Congratulations! You’ve added a new furry addition to your family. By now you have probably heard the word SOCIALIZE, especially if you have a dog. Socialization is the most important factor to raising your new pet. However, this term is used too loosely sometimes, and not enough for our feline companions.