Nutrition Counselling

The food the we ingest serves as the fuel and makes sure that we maintain good health and daily energy. It is the same for our furry friends. Pet foods are formulated to make sure that they include all of the good nutrients that your pet needs. We do understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose between the different types of foods and find the right diet plan for your pet. At Animal 911 Hospital, our team is always available to advise you on your pet’s nutrition. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question or book an appointment with you if needed.

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What is the best type of food for pets?

When it comes to nutrition, every pet has different needs. It is important that before buying any type of food for your pet, that you consult you veterinarian so he can advise you in the correct diet plan for your companion. This is why nutrition counselling is useful. It provides you with the right recommendations that are specific to your pet and its lifestyle. We do suggest that you take a watchful look at the list of ingredients. Healthy foods should include ingredients like protein, minerals, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates. At Animal 911 Hospital, our team will make sure to guide you with trusted products that are good for your pet’s health. Feel free to contact us.

Do puppies and kittens need special food?

Absolutely! Like us, kittens and puppies need special foods to make sure their development and growth are well supported. For example, larger breeds of dogs will need a very specific diet due to their rapid growth and their more prevalent tendency of developing bone problems.

Do senior dogs and cats need special food?

Definitely! Pets who reach a certain age have higher risks of developing multiple types of conditions and diseases that require a unique treatment plan. Nutrition plays a big part in their general health, especially at their golden age. For example, pets that suffer heart disease may need to take foods that have lower levels of sodium.

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