No one is safe from accidents and the loss of their pet. Even the most careful owners can have a pet that get away and become lost. Microchipping is a great way to prevent losing your pet and can definitely increase your chance of being reunited with your furry family member in case he ran away. If your pet is not microchipped, please contact us in order to avoid such situations.

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Are dogs and cats’ microchips like a GPS?

No, actually a microchip doesn’t have the ability to track your pet’s locations. Instead, it contains your contact info and other important details about your pet. If someone finds your lost pet, they can bring him to a shelter, clinic or hospital, where the microchip will be scanned. Afterwards, the people who scanned your microchip will be able to connect with you.

How are pets’ microchips implanted and will my pet feel pain?

We inject it under your pet’s skin between their shoulder blades using a syringe. The microchip has the shape of a grain of rice and will be placed in this specific area. It is possible that your pet will feel little to no discomfort during the installation, so no anaesthetics are used during this procedure.

Do I need to microchip my pet more than once?

No, if the procedure is done correctly, once is enough. The microchip is made of specific materials that won’t degenerate over time and is specifically made to last inside your pets’ body for is entire life.

Why is it a good idea to microchip my dog?

Since it is a permanent identification method, there is no loss of information or ownership, as it is all registered in the chip. The microchip cannot be removed and can be scanned at any veterinary institution as well as in most shelters. If your pet were ever to get lost and found at a shelter, their microchip number would be related to your information. You just have to keep your information up to date!

How much does it cost to microchip a pet?

We offer the microchip at a reduced price if done at the same time as their sterilization. Please feel free to give us a call so that we can go over all the details, including cost, with you.

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