Behavioural Counselling

As your pets grow, they may come a time where you will experience attitude changes regarding his behaviour. It is normal for pets to misconduct themselves sometimes, but if a bad behaviour is repetitive, seeking professional guidance may be a good option. Our team of veterinarians have the knowledge and are well-equipped to guide you in their behavioural therapy. Do feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.

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What happens during behavioural counselling?

At your first consultation, you will explain what is the behavioural issue that you are experiencing. Afterwards, a modification plan will be built around the specific need of your pets, while considering their general health conditions and your lifestyle. We will schedule appointments to be able to track your progress and apply modifications to the plan if needed.

What are the signs that I should look for?

Usually, behavioural problems go beyond disobedience. Below are some of the most common issues that need therapy. If you experience any of those with your pets for some time, we recommend that you contact us for a consultation. Aside from behavioural problems, these conducts can be signal for some medical health issues.

  • Aggression towards you, other people and other animals (e.g. biting, growling, hissing, scratching)
  • Anxiety (e.g. pacing, panting, hiding, excessive licking)
  • Destroying furniture, lack of appetite, excessive urinating

Is behavioural counselling for pets covered by insurance?

Every insurance is different, so we recommend that you give a call to your provider directly and know if they cover treatments for behavioural counselling.

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