Adopt, don’t shop

July 18, 2018

Adopt, don’t shop


Meet Zuri! Zuri is one of the many lucky pets that got adopted a few years back from a shelter. He is so grateful that his human rescued him.

It is very important to bring awareness to soon-to-be new pet owners that there are thousands of pets waiting for their fur-ever home. If you are looking to adopt a pet, check out your local shelter. By rescuing a pet, instead of purchasing elsewhere, you are giving that pet a second chance at happiness. Adopt, don’t shop.



  • Find the right match: There are so many pets to choose from, you are sure to find the one that fits you and your lifestyle
  • You will save a life: Each year there are thousands of pets that get euthanized, simply because there is not enough room to hold these pets and not enough people who adopt to match the number of animals. Also, by adopting one pet, you are making room in the shelter for others to get their chance at adoption.
  • Aid in putting a stop to puppy mills: By rescuing a pet from a shelter, you are no longer supporting the idea of buying a pet through a pet shop or online, where they are most likely coming from puppy mills.
  • It costs less to adopt: Most of the time when you get a new puppy or kitten, you have to pay a few hundred dollars just to obtain the pet, and they don’t even have their first vaccines nor are they sterilised. When you adopt from a shelter you already pay less for more. They usually are vaccinated and sterilised.
  • Rescue pets make the best of friends!