Grooming is often overlooked by owners, but it is an important part of your pet’s general health. Mostly for dogs, brushing and combing regularly help remove dead hair, dirt and prevents matting. Grooming also stimulates the blood supply to the skin, and gives your pet a healthier and shinier coat. In comparison, cats are self-cleaners, but some have characteristics that may need grooming. If your pet requires help with his personal hygiene, contact us.

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What grooming services are offered?

For cats, we offer routine nail trims and ear cleaning. We can also do a full lion shave following with a bath and a brush out. For dogs, we have a specialized dog groomer who has extensive knowledge of dog breeds and clips. She will also be able to advise you on what’s best for your pet. Whether it is a simple bath and brush out, a short shave or a more extensive specialty clip, your pet will walk away looking pampered.

Do you offer special services?

Yes absolutely, at Animal 911 Hospital we offer spa packages for your pet. This package includes a bath, blow-dry or full shave, nail trim, ear cleaning and trim of the excess fur under their paws. For your cat, the veterinarian will give a light sedation to make the experience less stressful for your pet.

What is the cost for grooming for small, medium, and large dogs?

Please give us a call to get a more precise quote for your pet’s needs. Our prices are based on time, breed, style of clip and condition of the coat. On the morning of your pet’s grooming, you will meet with our groomer to go over any needs and requests you may have.

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