workshops for puppy and kitten

Puppy & Kitten First Steps Program

We often see our clients overwhelmed by all the new information they need to learn about their new puppy or their new kitten. For this reason we have created the Animal 911 Puppy& Kitten First Steps Program. This program has been designed to guide our clients in the right direction when caring for their pet.

The program consists of a 2 hour class divided in 3 segments. The first segment speaks about nutrition, because this is the baseline to having a healthy pet. This segment will give you insight on how to choose the appropriate diet for your pet. It will also provide an overview of some common parasitic diseases and how to prevent them.

The second segment will allow our clients to understand the benefits of vaccinations and explain what vaccines are needed in our environment. Heartworm disease and prevention will also be discussed, as well as the importance of grooming and dental care for your pet.

The third segment will touch upon basic obedience, crate & litter box training, and why positive reinforcement during training is important.

If you would like more information about our First Steps Program, please give us a call. We would like to emphasize that this course is not limited to owners of puppies and kittens, but to anyone who would like to develop their knowledge on the care of their beloved pet.