Why not to get a pet as a gift

December 10, 2017

We all know Christmas is fast approaching and you may be wondering what to get for your significant other or family member as a gift? While some people just go with simple gift cards, others may want to stand out more and make an impression to their gift receiver. One gift I hope you don’t give is a gift of a pet.

Giving an animal as a gift is not a good idea for the following reasons:

– Owning an animal is a huge responsibility and some may not be ready for this. Depending on the animal, they may require daily walks, cleaning and of course feeding.

– A new pet owner may not be aware of the associated costs to owning a pet.

– Depending on the type of animal, the new pet owner may not know how to provide proper care if they have never owned such an animal.

– They may not live in a building that allows pets.

– One of their family members may be allergic to animals.

– Kids may see this gift as a toy, since it comes from underneath the Christmas tree, and not a huge responsibility.

– You may not realise that this is a 10-20 year lifetime commitment that you are bestowing on someone else.

– Most new pets come from puppy mills this time of year and we wouldn’t want to encourage this.

– They may be leaving on Holidays and won’t be home for some time.

Considering all of the above mentioned reasons, it is not recommended to give the gift of an animal. The only person who should decide if they want a pet is the one who is getting it.

Happy Holidays!

Emilie Gauthier, RVT