Tis the Season! Tips for the Holidays with your furry friends

December 14, 2018

Tis the Season!  Tips for the Holidays with your furry friends

The holidays are just around the corner, the most wonderful time of the year! Here are a few things to keep in mind when the holidays get near.

Once you put up your Christmas tree, beware little beaded eyes may be drawn to their mesmerizing lights and tinsel. So make sure there is nothing too valuable on the tree in case your furry four-legged creature decides he is going to make it to the top! Keep in mind as well lots of cats enjoy nibbling on the tree and/or playing with tinsel. Make sure you are always around to watch them; you wouldn’t want something breaking or worse them eating more than they can digest and becoming ill from it. Maybe it would be better to have the tree in a closed off area if your companion is one curious feline. 

If you know that you are going to be hosting a party for the whole family, perhaps get a nice cozy room set up for your animals to stay in for the rest of the night. Just in case they are not too fond of large crowds, they will have their own room to relax in. You can also play nice relaxing music in their room, to cut out the noise from outside. 

During the holidays, there are lots of homemade goodies coming from your mom’s or grandma’s kitchen that are irresistible. Remember that these chocolate, sugary treats are just as irresistible to your canine and perhaps even feline companion. Make sure all sweets are stored away properly, so no toxicity accidents should happen. It would not be fun rushing your pet to the emergency the night before Christmas. 

Overall, the holidays can be quite a busy time for a lot of people. But it is also the time to give thanks and enjoy your family and friends. Remember to include your furry loved one in as many activities as possible as long as they are comfortable with the situation. Take the time to appreciate them. They will love you fur-ever!

Happy Holidays!

Emilie Gauthier, RVT