Reese story




Reese is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, he is also my working partner and my team mate in a whole slew of canine sports and activities that we enjoy participating and competing in, so when I found out that he needed to have orthopaedic surgery to repair a luxating patella due to an injury I was devastated…

Before his surgery, I believed that there must be something that could be done to either prevent his surgery or help postpone it. We made an appointment with Stephanie to get some exercises to increase the muscle mass in his right leg; little did we know that we would love our exercises and the results that it produced. Well, we worked hard, but surgery was still the best option for an excellent prognosis in our future sports. So his surgery was scheduled and on November 11th, 2010 Reese had his surgery with great success.

We went home with the recommendations from the surgeon and his rehabilitation program which we followed to the letter. We started with 3 weekly appointments with Stephanie who continued with his rehab exercises as well as laser, and e-stim, and as soon as his sutures were out he was in the underwater treadmill, and I believe he was the first one in once it was installed. His recovery was long, but well worth all the work…even now, 16 weeks post-op, Reese is doing GREAT, he is well into his re-integration of his canine activities and if you met him you would never know that he has 3 pins in his right knee.

We have decided to continue with our visits to Animal 911, and spend some time with Stephanie once a week to do some work in the treadmill. He is Animal 911’s underwater treadmill superstar! I can’t thank Stephanie, Dr W and all the staff of Animal 911 enough for all their help, support, kindness and the great care of my boy!

Nelly Benabou