Pet Boarding

Pet boarding for dogs

We invite you to visit our Luxury Hotel for cats and dogs where you’ll be able to board your beloved pet in style, comfort and safety, so you and your family can travel with peace of mind….

FOR RESERVATIONS : Fill out the form below or call us at 514-685-VETS

Luxury Hotel for Cats

  • Multi- Level Luxury Condos for cats with comfortable beds
  • Continuous air ventilation and sound insulated walls
  • Condos cleaned twice a day
  • Separate compartment for litter box (litter box cleaned and replaced twice a day)
  • Windowed condos with a view on the outside
  • Playtime in our kitty play room
  • High quality nutrition
  • Professional grooming available
  • Veterinary supervision and immediate access to medical care on premises in case of emergencies

Luxury Hotel for Dogs

  • Choice between 3 levels of housing: Standard Runs, Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Suites
  • Continuous air ventilation and sound insulated walls
  • Comfortable beds & high quality nutrition
  • Rooms cleaned twice a day
  • Indoor playroom and outdoor playground for exercise
  • Outdoor 5 minute walk 4 times a day
  • Extra 15 minute walk available
  • TV available in our Luxury Suites
  • Professional grooming available
  • Veterinary supervision and immediate access to medical care on premises in case of emergencies.



1. I, the client hereby agree to retain the services of Animal 911 to provide boarding for my pet.

2. I, the client agree to pick-up my pet on or before the departure dat. In the event that I am unable to present myself on or before the aforementioned date, I will notify the hospital and inform them of the new departure date.

3. All boarding animals must have been vaccinated within the last year (proof required) and found free of contagious disease and/or parasites. If my pet is not current on his vaccinations, I agree to have the vaccinations updated, so as to protect him/her and all the other patients in the Hospital.

DOGS: DAPP – Bordatella intranasal (6 months) – Leptospirosis – Rabies

CATS: PRHC – Leukemia – RhC intranasal (6 months) – Rabies

Note: Vaccination does not guarantee 100% protection.

4. All boarding animals are fed Prescription Diet I/D dry food. If this food is not suitable, please provide us with your own food. In the event that your pet refuses to eat, other food will be offered and charged to your bill.

5. WE DO NOT TAKE TOYS, BLAKETS OR BEDS (FOOD ONLY). No leashes, collars or harnesses should stay on your pet for safety reasons.

6. During the time that the animal is in the care of Animal 911, I authorize the Hospital to carry out any emergency surgical operation and/or treatment it deems necessary for the wellbeing of the pet, and undertake to pay the regular fees charged by the hospital for the services provided. We commit to making all reasonable efforts to communicate with the owner of the animal and advise him of all necessary medical treatments and/or surgical interventions.

7. If an animal is not retrieved by its owner by the aforementioned departure date, the veterinarian will send a registered letter to the client. The client will be expected to pick-up the animal within 48 hrs of this notice. In case of abandonment, the veterinarian will have just recourse and reclaim payment.

8. I release the hospital, its directors, employees and agents from any responsibility of liability arising from boarding my pet or for any disease and/or injuries contracted during its stay.

In case of nonpayment of fees:

a) In the case of a client refusing to/omitting to pay in full the fees incurred; the client acknowledges that the veterinarian can exercise his right to keep the said animal, until all fees are paid in full.

b) In the event of an animal being retained, the client acknowledges that boarding fees will be charged.

c) All unpaid balances will have an interest rate of 2% per month (24% per annum)


Your name :
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Pet's name :

Boarding start date* :
Pick up date* :

*Boarding and pick up hours:
Monday to Friday 8am to 7:30pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm
Sunday 9am to 1:30pm

Accommodations :
Feline condo
Standard Run
Deluxe Run
Luxury Suite Single
Luxury Suite Double

# of Days :
Payment of full amount BEFORE TAX is required upon admission

Boarding instructions :

Hospital services :
Nail trim
Anal glands
Epilate ears
Clean ears
Short hair bath -35lbs
Short hair bath +35lbs
Private walks - 15 minutes
Duration of walk :
Frequency of walk :

In case of emergency contact:
Name :
Email :
Phone number :

Please include a vaccinations proof

I have read and understand the boarding agreement
in the city of Roxboro, this