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The Animal 911 Cat Adoption Program

Unwanted pets are a constant reality. In an effort to help rescue some of these pets from a life of suffering and early death we started “The Animal 911 Cat Adoption Program”. Unwanted cats are admitted to the hospital, examined by a doctor, tested for Leukemia and Feline Aids, de-wormed, vaccinated, treated for any disease they may have, sterilized and then kept in boarding until a new owner can be found. The adoption fee of $156.00 covers only a fraction of the costs Animal 911 invests in each cat. This is one of the ways we help our community.

Since the Animal 911 Cat Adoption Program began we have been fortunate enough to place over 300 cats!

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So why not adopt one of our cats; they are all very healthy and very well socialized. You can’t get a better friend than a loving cat!

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