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Bath & Brush or a Lion Shave?


Your groomer or veterinarian can advise you if your cat has special needs for grooming. Between grooms, brushing your cat will help keep the coat clean and free of hair mats. Hair mats can be irritating and cause skin disease under the hair. Brushing will help keep your cat from ingesting too much hair while grooming and reduce the incidence of hairballs. Longhaired cats require everyday brushing to keep their coats healthy.

If your cat’s fur is badly matted, he may need to be shaved. This is a job for a professional groomer. Never attempt to cut off hair mats with a scissors; you may cut the skin. At Animal 911 our veterinary technicians are well trained to execute flawless lion shaves for your cat. You prefer a bath and brush instead? Not a problem! Our professionally team can address all your cat grooming needs from baths, brush-outs, special cuts and lion shaves. There is no need to worry if your cat is shy, easily distressed or fearful; we will use our veterinary expertise and medical facility to make their grooming experience a stress-free, healthy and happy one.

Call us for more information or to book an appointment for your cat. Please note cats are groomed Monday to Friday, but not on the weekends.

Grooming your cat

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Grooming your pets doesn’t mean that they have to be made-up and untouchable; it simply means that you’re taking good care of their health by keeping a watchful eye on their hygiene.

Pets, like humans, are more likely to remain healthy when they are clean and well groomed.

One of the major benefits of a regular grooming regimen is that you will become familiar with your pet’s body. This allows you to quickly recognize problems with his health, so you can bring them to your veterinarian’s attention sooner

Remember that you should seek help from your veterinarian if you think that your pet will be difficult to groom alone.


Brushing your furred friend removes dead hair and skin, spreads out natural oils in their coat, and helps keep them from developing an odour. It is one of the simplest things you can do for your dog or cat, but it is also one of the most necessary.

Cats are well known for their exemplary grooming habits, but even they need a weekly brushing.

In fact, brushing your kitty is great for his health because it helps prevent hairballs, keeping his digestive track healthy. During shedding seasons, increase your brushing frequency as needed to remove the excess dead hair.


Ears are a prime place for infection-keeping your little buddy’s ears clean is a great way to prevent illness. Regularly pick up his ear flaps and examine the inside.

Make sure that they are a healthy pink color. If everything looks good, wipe the outer flap of the ear with a cotton ball.


The ever-popular “B” word-few animals feel that bath time is something to celebrate. In fact, the majority of our pets probably dread a bath more than anything else.

On the bright side, the more often you brush your friend, the less often you will have to subject him to the dreaded bath-time experience.

Here are some basics to cover before putting your pet in the water.

First, always brush your critter thoroughly before bathing him. Any mats and tangles that your pet may have will only get worse during the bathing process, so take care of those problems in the beginning.

Second, protect your pal’s ears by placing cotton inside them. This will avoid getting soap in his ears which could be painful to him. Make sure you have everything you need where you can reach it. After your pal is wet and unhappy, it will be much more difficult to leave him to retrieve the shampoo.

And finally, close off all escape routes. This will help you avoid chasing a wet pet around the couch. You may consider putting a towel or screen on the bottom of the tub or sink-if your furred friend has a secured footing he will not be so upset.

Now you’re ready to let the fun begin! Always use shampoo designed especially for your animal. Human shampoo is not made for dogs and cats; it can be harmful to their skin, drying it out and destroying their natural oils. Lather him thoroughly, leaving his face until the end. After you have washed him well, make sure that you rinse him just as well, as leaving soap in his fur can irritate his skin. Towel your little buddy off and rub him down. If he’ll accept it, you can blow dry him. And then finish him off with a good brushing.

Stress free cat grooming

Grooming Your Cat: with or without sedation?

A Groomer’s Point of View….

Many cats lose a lot of hair or they become really matted.  A lion shave can be a good way to get rid of all those problems.  The lion shave consists of shaving all the hair and leaving a pompom at the end of the tail, mittens for the paws and a lion mane, to make the cat look like a small lion. There can be several alternatives and special requests with the lion cut, for example; we can leave hair on the cat’s back to do a “Mohawk“.

Cat grooms can be done either with or without sedation.  Sedation consists of giving a small injection of the tranquillizing medication.  The majority of cats don’t react at all when we are giving the little injection.  With the sedation, they are not under general anesthesia, however they are much calmer.  This first option is available only at your veterinarian, and offers a better comfort for your cat because the groom becomes less stressful.  Moreover, we cover your cat’s eyes when he’s sedated just to keep him in a calm state of mind.  We are then ready to groom, which is done in the most respectful manner for the animal.  Several cats find themselves with small wounds when they struggle during the groom without a sedation, these wounds can become easily infected thus is why we prefer them to be sedated during this procedure.  Once the shaving is done we can allow ourselves to give them a good bath so they look and smell really good.

The second option is when you go to a pet salon or pet store where they do grooming.  They never give sedation because there is no veterinarian present to monitor your cat.  Sometimes it can be a good option for the calmer cats. As a groomer,  I really prefer the one with sedation and I will explain why:  without sedation, many cats became highly agitated and scared. This is understandable as they are not in their environment; there are several noises such as the razor, the scissors, the nail clipper, the blow-dryer and even more.  While they are sedated those problem are not an issue.  During a groom without sedation the cat must be held by two people.  The groom is done so quickly because the cat is so stressed and aggressive that when the shaving is done we can’t even think about giving a bath.  In this case some steps of the groom are removed in order to stop the stress of the animal.

Finally, with all this information it is up to you to decide on which option is the best for your cat.  Personally I strongly recommend the option with sedation.  This ensures your animal will not be traumatized after the procedure.  The sedation is not dangerous for your small companion, in fact it only last a little longer than the groom itself. We place them in a calm area in order to recover under the supervision of a veterinary technician while waiting for their owners.  This process alleviates the stress of the animal during and after the groom, and all is done with the greatest  care and respect of the animal.

Sabrina Rabeau-Gervais, AHT

Animal Health Technician and Groomer

Ear cleaning

Here at Animal 911 we offer grooming services and are dedicated in providing your family member with the utmost care and personalized treatment. Our groomers at Animal 911 take great pride in caring for your family member and paying close attention to their safety and well being. Our groomers are trained in evaluating when something needs to be brought to the attention of our medical team.

We also understand that dogs can get extremely stressed when being groomed or even just going to the groomer’s. This can be very hard on the pet and his owner. For this reason we do offer grooming under sedation; however an medical exam would be required before to be certain your family member is healthy enough to be sedated.

A day at the spa includes ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing. We bathe your pet in an oatmeal & aloe shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on their skin. For our white dogs, we use a special shampoo that brightens their coat. We then blow dry your furry friend and once fully dried, we give them another brush and do any little touch ups that may be required.

If you would like the anal glands to be expressed we can do it, however, this is only done by request. It is our Animal Health Technicians that express the glands.

Ear plucking is not something we usually recommend. However, if requested, it can be done.

We also offer cat grooming services. Our cat grooms are done under sedation because it is less stressful for your pet. Cats are creatures of habit and when taken from their environment some can react very poorly causing a huge amount of stress. Feline lion shaves are among the most popular style of groom and for the very matted cats, it brings much relief. A lion shave is when we remove all the fur from the cat except the face, the head, the tip of the tail, and the paws. By the end of this groom, your cat will resemble a lion. This look can always be modified and special requests can be made.

Please give us a call to get a more precise quote for your pets needs. Our prices are based on time, breed, type of style, and condition of the coat. The morning of your groom you would meet with our groomer to go over any needs or concerns you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you

Yours Truly

The team of Animal 911