Holiday tips for pet lovers

December 10, 2017

The holidays are fast approaching and with all the excitement come a few potential problems for our pets. To keep things jolly for everyone, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Common household dangers:

· Tinsel is irresistible for many kittens and cats but can cause serious intestinal blockage if swallowed. So keep far from reach from your pets.

· Holiday lights mean more wires. Make sure your furry friends don’t chew these. If you can’t keep them out of reach, you can cover them in a protective plastic tube found either at your local hardware or aquarium store.

· Tree ornaments hanging on your tree can seem like a great toy. Be sure to hang small and fragile ornaments high out of reach.

Poisonous Plants:

Many holiday plants like holly and poinsettias are toxic for pets. So keep plants far out of reach or opt for plastic.

Holiday foods:

· Chocolate is very toxic to cats and dogs so remind children not to leave these in reach of the pets.

· You may want to treat your cat or dog to some of the festivities, just keep in mind that too much fatty food can cause serious gastro disease which may lead to an emergency vet visit. Your guests may not realize they aren’t the only ones sneaking Fido a treat.

· The smell of Christmas turkey may be all too tempting so be sure pets don’t have access and ideally throw all bones and leftovers straight into the outdoor garbage bin. A dog who tore through the garbage bag to swallow leftover turkey bones is a sure way to ruin your holiday.

Party Guests

· Lots of unfamiliar faces and loud noise can be extremely stressful to a pet. Allow them a quiet place where they can escape from all the commotion. Exercise them before the guests arrive and provide a special toy or chew as a distraction.

The holiday season can be hectic but try to keep exercise routines as close to normal as possible. This will help you both to stay happy and healthy through the hectic season. Have a pawsitively happy holiday! Gabrielle, CAHTCute chihuahua and cat infront of christmas tree