Boarding for Pets

What are the admission requirements?

Pets that come for a stay need to be updated with their vaccines to prevent the transmission of contagious infections. It is required only to protect your pet and as well as the other pets staying at the hospital with us.

Why should a board my pet at Animal 911?

We offer a multitude of services in our boarding facility like:

Luxury Hotel for Cats

  • Multi-Level Luxury Condos for cats with comfortable beds and windowed space
  • Continuous air ventilation and sound insulated walls
  • Condos cleaned twice a day
  • Separate compartment for the litter box (litter box cleaned and replaced twice a day)
  • Playtime in our kitty playroom
  • High-quality nutrition
  • Professional grooming available
  • Veterinary supervision and immediate access to medical care on premises in case of emergencies

Luxury Hotel for Dogs

  • The choice between 3 levels of housing: Standard Runs, Deluxe Rooms, Luxury Suites
  • Continuous air ventilation and sound insulated walls
  • Comfortable beds & high-quality nutrition
  • Rooms cleaned twice a day
  • Indoor playroom and outdoor playground for exercise
  • Outdoor 5-minute walk 4 times a day
  • Extra 15 minute walk available
  • TV available in our Luxury Suites
  • Professional grooming available
  • Brought outdoors 4 times a day in our enclosed backyard with supervision at all times
  • Veterinary supervision and immediate access to medical care on premises in case of emergencies.

How much does this service cost?

Boarding fees depend on the size of the room your pet is in, and if you choose some additional services. To know more about our fees, please contact our team!


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