Tanya St. Germain

Technician | Head of Pharmacy
Tanya joined the Animal 911 team in 2011. She graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Vanier College and then did her clinical stage in a veterinary practice that is known for its reproduction specialty. As for her laboratory stage, she chose a rescue wild life center located in Montreal.She has many interests such as Hematology, Reproduction and Radiology – just to name a few! In 2013 Tanya assisted in creating the Animal Health Technology Tool Guide for the personal orientation project of the Commission Scolaire de la Beauce-Etchemin. Tanya obtained her C.A.H.T. accreditation in 2014 and is interested in becoming specialized in internal medicine. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer for the wild life rehabilitation center and at the Ecomuseum. At home, she has two cats and a lemon dog that she loves very much!


Adopt, don’t shop

Meet Zuri! Zuri is one of the many lucky pets that got adopted a few years back from a shelter. He is so grateful that his human rescued him.

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