Meryssa Boulianne

Technician | Kennel Leader
I’ve always had a passion for taking care of animals for as long as I can remember. Meryssa was 13 when she decided to pursue career in the animal field after the passing of her first cat. She graduated from Vanier College’s Animal Health Technology program and have an interest in parasitology and pharmacology. Meryssa started working at Animal 911 in 2017 as a kennel attendant followed by becoming a veterinary office assistant (VOA). After graduating, she started her new position as an Animal Health Technician. She currently is the mother of 3 lovely cats by the name of Micky, Marly, and Macy and hope to eventually adopt her first dog.


Adopt, don’t shop

Meet Zuri! Zuri is one of the many lucky pets that got adopted a few years back from a shelter. He is so grateful that his human rescued him.

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