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A full range of medical care is offered at Animal 911 Veterinary Hospital from simple vaccinations to complex care of your sick pet. We have a state of the art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for sick patients that is in the heart of the treatment area, under constant supervision and all the necessary care your pet may need. Our highly trained medical staff of doctors and animal nurses will do everything they can to make your pet better and send him home as soon as possible.

Full Diagnostic Laboratory by IDEXX. We can process 95% of all the tests we do right here in house, so that means the turn-around time can be minutes not hours, not days or weeks away like our human counterparts.

Digital Radiology Digital radiography gives us immediate consistently perfect x-ray images of all our patients. These digital images can be sent by email or you can take them home on a CD.

Ultrasound A live view of the inside of your pet is what an ultrasound can do, often more effective to determine the extent of tumor invasion of organs in the abdomen.

Full Pharmacy – all the medications your pet may require we have on hand.

An Isolation Unit – for animals with contagious diseases, away from all other animals with an independent air supply evacuated directly to the outdoors. This room contains two large stainless steel cages, a 3 by 6 foot large run for dogs, a sink and an examination table. Everything we need to treat a contagious pet is in here.

Electrocardiography – a measure of the electrical activity of the heart to determine if there are any disturbances in rhythm.

Blood Pressure Measurement – Measurement of blood pressure is a basic human medical test but in pets it was much harder to obtain due to hair coat and patient size. Using the classical Doppler machine, it is sometimes a very frustrating experience but not so with our new petMAP™ it is simple and easy.

Intra-Occular Eye Pressure Measurement using a Tono-Pen® makes this a simple yet eye saving emergency procedure.

Microchip Identification – even if your pet does not go outside on a regular basis injecting a microchip with a needle under the skin into the shoulder area of pet will provide him with a lifelong identification that cannot be lost or altered. If he ever does get lost it is the best way to assure he will be found and returned to you.

House Calls – If your pet is very weary of coming to the hospital or you have many pets maybe a house call is what you need. Call us and we can schedule a house call during our normal operating hours. There will only be an extra traveling fee, otherwise everything will be the same fee as in hospital care.

Compassionate Euthanasia – we will provide euthanasia services for pets that are beyond medical help and when end of life is the best option to prevent unnecessary suffering. An examination by the doctor is mandatory if we are not familiar with your pet’s medical history. Crematory services are provided either in group or individual.

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