Grooming your Cat

May 31, 2017

When buying or adopting a cat, most of the time we don`t question its grooming needs. Cats can have short, medium or long fur coats. The longer the coat, the more it requires regular grooming to avoid matts forming. Maintaining proper skin barrier and fur coat is essential to a healthy pet. That`s why it is extremely important to help your cat with grooming. Most cats will groom themselves on a regular basis, but they are not always able to reach problematic areas and need help removing dead fur. It is a good idea to get into the habit of brushing your cat at least once a week. You will want to brush them regularly when they are kittens, for short periods of time, to get them used to being brushed. Now the type of fur length your cat has will determine the type of brush being used. Typically when you purchase the brush it will indicate for what length and purpose the brush is meant for. If ever you are uncertain, always seek advice from a professional groomer or veterinarian.

We all know cats are not fond of water, but again, if you introduce them at a young age, and with regular repetition, whose to say your cat won`t like taking bathes. If you by chance have an older cat and it is too late to introduce them to water, you can always purchase waterless shampoos. Bathing or using a waterless shampoo, will help remove excess dead fur or dandruff. This will also make their coat nice and shiny and maintain a healthy skin barrier.
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In rare cases, if your cat does not tolerate being brushed, the possibility of shaving is an option. The shave that is most commonly done is known as the lion shave. Just as the name states, they look like little lions. The cut leaves about 4mm of fuzz on them, but their head, paws and tail remain at their usual length. At Animal 911, we offer cat grooms. Our cat grooms include the shave and bath, followed by a blow dry, nail trim and cleaning of the ears. To make this experience enjoyable and stress free for both cat and groomer, we sedate the cat before starting. Without sedation, grooming would be very stressful on your cat given all the noises. Sedation also helps to prevent sudden moves that might lead to injury and facilitates an even cut. If you simply just want your cat to receive a nice brush out, we offer that as well. Come visit us at Animal 911 so we can discuss further on how to properly manage and care for your feline companion’s fur coat.

Emilie, RVT