Giving Back to Pets in Our Community

March 7, 2014

Every year Animal 911 Veterinary Hospital makes an effort to help find new homes for unwanted pets. We have our own adoption program for cats and we work with two rescue organizations. Here is the sum of our efforts in 2013:

Animal 911 Cat Adoption Program:

We adopted out 28 cats. The medical care provided to these cats including examination, deworming, testing for Leukemia and feline Aids, vaccination, sterilization as well as housing was done at a cost of $35,141. The cats were each adopted for $156 each thus we subsidized our cat adoption program by the sum of $30,773.

Giving Back to Pets in Our Community

Eva, one of our 28 cats we saved through our Cat Adoption Program in 2013

Working with Local Rescue Organizations:

Steri-Animal is a cat rescue organization that has a catch and release program for feral cats and subsidizes sterilization for cats of owners that cannot afford surgery.

With various community events we helped organize, we raised $1,177 for Steri-Animal in 2013.

CAA (Compassionate Animal Rescue) is a rescue organization that saves dogs that are going to be euthanized by dog pounds, brings them to us for medical treatment and finds them new homes.

Medical treatments and sterilizations provided to these two organizations by Animal 911 were subsidized by us to the sum of $25,987 in 2013.

Our total efforts in 2013 = $57,937

We look forward to do even more in 2014!