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You are looking for a challenging job in the veterinary field? You love animals and want to work with a dynamic team? Animal 911 could be the right place for you! As a matter of fact, we always love receiving your resume for the different available positions: veterinarian, animal health technician, technical aid, front desk. If you believe you fit the job profile, please complete the form below.

Currently Open Job Positions:

  • Kennel Attendant (part-time)
  • Veterinarian (part-time)

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 Client service representative (front desk)
 Animal health technician (TSA graduate)
 Animal care worker
 Administrative assistant or team supervisor
 Veterinary establishment director

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 Small animal clinic
 Exotic animal clinic
 Only canine
 Only feline

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What are the medical services that you must at least be allowed to offer in your work environment :
 On-site blood tests and laboratory
 Laser surgery
 General surgery
 General veterinary medicine
 Canine courtesies sessions for adolescent dogs
 24 hours hospitalization
 Microchip identification
 Medical imaging: endoscopy, echography, radiology<
 Puppy kindergarten
 Medicine and surgery for exotic animals
 Preventive and therapeutic food
 Boarding (cats)
 Physiotherapy (postoperative and weight loss)
 Blood donation program
 Weight loss program

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All applications received without and interest call will be kept for a maximum of six months from the date of receipt. If, in the meantime, you get a job, please notify us as soon as possible.