Boarding Services at Animal 911

March 11, 2018

Boarding Services at Animal 911

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than to go on that trip you always wanted to take! Except there’s only one problem. Who will be able to watch your furry loving pet while you are away? There’s no need to worry! Here at Animal 911 Veterinary Hospital we offer boarding services.

Whether you have a dog or cat, we have various size dog runs or cat condominiums to suit the need of each pet. While you will be relaxing on the beach, your pet will also be relaxing with us. Classical music plays throughout the day to reduce stress. You can bring your own specific food, or we can feed our high quality, easy digestible diet that your pet is certain to love, at no extra cost. We provide all beds and bowls.

Each dog gets taken out 4 times throughout the day, with the option of including extra walks. Each cat will also get taken out individually and be placed into a large room with a window. This is where they can stretch, climb and run around.

During their stay, you can treat your pet to a spa day. We offer grooming services and will happily give them a bath with blow-dry, trim of the nails and cleaning of their ears while they are with us in boarding.

Finally, when you do have medication to be given at certain hours of the day, no problem! Our wonderful veterinary technicians are skilled at giving all medications. As well, have peace of mind that your pet will have the best care in case of an emergency.

So give us a call at Animal 911 to discuss any further questions you may have and verify that all of the required vaccines are up to date to ensure the health safety for your pet and others that come into the hospital. So what are you waiting for, book yours and your pet’s dream vacation now! Just give us a call or come on in to have a tour of the boarding facilities.

Emilie Gauthier
Registered Veterinary Technician
Team Leader of Boarding Services